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Xpert Aeration

Most everyone understands the need for regular fertilization, watering, and proper mowing in maintaining a healthy lawn. Few people, however, realize the importance and benefits of lawn aeration.

Soil compaction can be your lawn's worst enemy. Compacted soils restrict air penetration deep in the soil, causing roots to suffocate and die. As a result, roots grow shallow and horizontal up on the surface where air is available. This condition leads to weak, unhealthy turf, that is more susceptible to drought, insects, and disease.

The Complete Xpert Aeration Process:

  • Our Xperts will mechanically remove plugs of soil to increase air circulation to stimulate healthy lawn growth.

  • Additional Xpert recommended service: Combine with Overseeding to correct thinning and create new growth and our Xpert Fertilizer and Weed Control Service.