Fall Clean Up

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Xpert Fall Clean Up

As the fun of summer comes to a close, preparing your yard for winter can be difficult and time consuming. An integral part of helping your yard survive the harsh winter is a thorough fall clean up. Leaf raking, landscape bed maintenance, and pruning are all important aspects of this.

The lawn, flower beds, trees, and shrubs will all be subject to the cold. Customizable to your requirements, our Xperts will thoroughly prep your lawn and prepare it for the upcoming season addressing whatever areas you'd like.

The Complete Xpert Fall Clean Up Process:

  • Lawn and Yard: All leaves will be removed from grass areas and underneath shrubs and bushes. Adding Xpert Aeration is recommended.

  • Landscape and Flower Beds: Pruning of bushes, shrubs and trees. Removal of annuals and cutting back of perennials and biennials. De-weeding if necessary.

  • Property: Trees and shrubs pruned. Gutters and roofs cleaned.

  • Additional Xpert recommended service: Lawn Care Winter Application and Pest Control.