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Xpert Ant Control

Finding ants in your home can be frustrating and hard to deal with. Our Xperts are well versed in the indentification and life cylces, and know how to take care of ants. Our Xperts will look for and treat outdoor nests and find points of entry within your house perimeter, ensuring the pests have no way inside your home.

Ants swarm throughout the spring and summer months and migrate indoors during the colder months. Our Xperts will customize the treatment according to the species and properly administer physical controls specific to that species.

The Complete Xpert Ant Control Process:

  • Our Xperts will identify the specific ant (e.g. carpenter, pavement) and customize treatment accordingly.

  • Our Xperts will assess the perimeter of the property and inside of home, treating necessary points of entry and infestation.

  • Additional Xpert recommended service: One of our other pest control services.