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Xpert Flea Control

Fleas thrive in damp, grassy areas, including the areas underneath porch steps, along nearby ponds or even in the shade of bushes or trees; raccoons, squirrels, rodents and feral cats carry fleas into the yard. Once fleas are inside, they can live virtually anywhere, including on pets, in carpet and on furniture.

Treating any infestation of fleas immediately and being diligent in watching for fleas to hatch after treating an initial infestation is important to controlling fleas.

The Complete Xpert Flea Control Process:

  • Our Xperts will assess outside of property treating areas susceptible to flea infestation.

  • Inside the home, our Xperts will directly treat areas of current flea infestation and provide instructions to ensure complete flea removal.

  • Further treatment of crevices and hiding spots for fleas will be treated by our Xperts.

  • Additional Xpert recommended service: One of our other pest control services.


  • 03/31/2016
    We get a lot of calls from pet owners asking about fleas. Believe it or not even indoor pets can get fleas. Here's a great article illustrating preventive care. - Science Mag, read the article HERE.