About Us

Licensed, Insured, Experienced, and Guaranteed

Here at Lawn & Pest Control Xperts we take pride in our work. So much so we GUARANTEE our lawn care, lawn maintenance, pest control, and commercial services. Our company is fully insured and we teach all our employees the fundamentals of good service. Prompt, intelligent, and thorough actions define an Xpert. When you sign up with us you get the same crew, every time. This helps facilitate communication, trust, and a more personable experience. Our Xperts will leave you fully-satisfied and we GUARANTEE it!

Our services are customizable and combinable in a number of ways. We have a range of customers from large commercial accounts to private residential properties that trust us with all there lawn care, lawn maintenance, snow/ice removal, and pest control needs.

Our Xperts are trained to the highest standards and all their work is GUARANTEED. We constantly update their training to incorporate the latest products, technology, and strategies. Our Xperts will take the time to ensure you fully understand the treatment plan you selected and that you are completely satisfied with the results.

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