2021 Lawn Care Season

We are off to a great start on our 2021 lawn care season!  The weather is holding out and we are taking full advantage!  It is the perfect time to call and get on the schedule for weed control and fertilization.

It is also time to start thinking about aerating your lawn to help the roots breath.  Aeration is the perfect compliment to our lawn care service as you will get the maximum benefits of weed control and fertilization by allowing the products to sink deeper into the soil.

Also be on the lookout for grubs starting soon!  Dead patches in the lawn that are able to easily be pulled up are a giveaway for a grub problem.  These insects don’t come high enough in the soil to be seen until late May in a typical year, but this year has started out warmer, so keep your eyes open for them sooner!

If you are unhappy with your lawn and don’t know where to start, call the Xperts!  We would be happy to walk you through the process and determine exactly what your lawn needs.  262-577-5802

Happy Spring and we look forward to a wonderful lawn care season!

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